HitFilm Express is not Opening

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So recently I Formatted my Computer after a long time.

After formatting I installed every software as per my requirement.

And one software is Hitfilm Express. I never had any problem with HitFilm. But now after installing, it won't start.

I mean I clicked the Icon of Hitfilm and then nothing happens.

Please help me!!

My PC specs:

16 GB Ram, GTX 750 Ti, i7-3770, Windows 7 Ultimate.


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    Try shutting down and rebooting your PC, but don't just use restart or reset otherwise you don't guarantee clearing RAM.

    C:\Program Files\FXHOME\HitFilm Express

    • > HitFilmExpress.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Check the box that says "Run this proram as an administrator" -> Apply -> OK -> Launch HitFilm
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    Note that Win 7 i s no longer supported. I believe you can still upgrade to Win 10 for free. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=upgrade+win+7+win+10+free

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    Sometimes when reinstalling Windows, the drivers are older. Try downloading your GPU drivers directly from the manufacturer.

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    I think I should install Windows 10.

    Wish me luck.

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    Considering windows 10 has been free for a couple years now, I don't see how it's not a good idea to upgrade, even from Win 7 ultimate. There's also been improvements in performance across the board, meaning your hardware will give you better performance in HitFilm in 10 over 7, in most cases by ~10% flat.

    Aside from the security concerns running Win 7 online, HitFilm is being developed for Win 10, and big parts of the kernel is not backwards compatible. Over time it makes sense Win 7 users experience issues, but for the most part it should run just fine. I'm willing to bet 20% of its user base are still on Win 7, if not slightly more.

    God speed to those now vulnerable to a million 0 days...

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    @kevin_n it should be noted that the first known Hitfilm bug that's specifically Win 7 related showed up a couple of years ago (an issue on Win 7 and some hardware where the program won't close with the "X" button, top right of the interface.

    Otherwise, as Kevin says, Hitfilm is being developed for Win 8 and later. While I think FXHOME has Win 7 testing machines, Win 7 related bugs aren't guaranteed to be fixed at this point.

    I feel your pain. I preferred Win 7 to 10, but upgraded myself once Hitfilm dropped Win 7 support. Since then, several other programs I've used have dropped Win 7 support.

    It's time to move on.

  • AmanChhonkar
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    Quick Update:

    I upgraded Win 7 to 10 and Hitfilm Express is opening now!!

    Thank you all, for helping me out!!

    Peace Out!


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    @Triem23 I too prefer Windows 7, however they made substantial improvements to everything really, heck even storage improvements, that you can't pass up on it. It's admitedly a bug ridden mess at times. However my experience has been quite good. I use http://www.classicshell.net/ to replace the shell to make it look like Windows 7

    It's worth noting that some older programs may still run with Windows 7 compatibility settings enabled, but yeah, running a Windows 7 PC online in this day and age after all the dropped support isn't a wise move.

    @AmanChhonkar Great to hear!