[ENHANCEMENT] - Don't stop playback on keypress unless spacebar

EvilDaystar Posts: 305 Enthusiast

I hate it when Hit Film stops playback because I tried to move a scrollbar forward or clicked on a panel. Playback should stop and start with the spacebar only.

Pretty much every other editor works this way ... or at least every editor I've used.


  • Clarm060
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    Hey I agree with this, I wanted to switch all of my editors to this, but this seems to be a huge pet peeve with them. I understand how it could cause the app the crash if you end up removing stuff or make major changes to elements. But at lest give us a button on the viewer to disable it on click if needed if we are tweaking audio, colors, or small things. All other editors allow this in some compacity. Also maybe a notification that enabling this could cause application freezes or crashes if major elements are removed from your timeline, when enabled you will only be able to tweak controls and audio but you will not be able to add or remove any elements from the editor.

  • Andersen01498
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    I agree its so annoying when you even turn up the volume on your computer. Simple things like that. I think this is a code thing back in the caveman era but now code has gotten better. So hopefully this can be sorted out quickly

  • kevinrejko
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    I completely agree. I am loving my experience with HitFilm so far except for this one issue. This is a big workflow killer. Left unresolved, it will make me seriously consider switching to another editor.

  • Markus
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    The playback does stop when I change the zoom factor of the timeline or scroll the timeline. This is extremely disruptive to my workflow, at least coming from editing software where this is easily doable.

    I'm really extremely torn at times in my testing of Hitflilm Express. This software is so powerful that I can do a lot more things with it than I could do with my previous old software. On the other hand, there are always little things that would make the workflow easier, but are not implemented in HitFilm Express (or I haven't found them):

    For example:

    - Zooming / scrolling the timeline without interrupting the playback.

    - Numerical input of the duration for crossfades instead of setting the duration with the mouse only.

    - Self-definable standard duration for crossfades (gladly also global and additionally project-based settings)

    - Temporary switching of the viewer window to fullscreen mode (on the same screen. i.e. if you only have one monitor but would like to watch the video in fullscreen, i.e. ESC key for exiting fullscreen preview)

    - Visual feedback of volume gains in the audio track (the waveform in the clip should be redrawn with the resulting waveform when dragging the gain line in the clip, so you can detect clipping while dragging).

    It's a real pity that such things are not included, especially since they are probably not very "expensive" in terms of programming effort.

    I would rather do without some big killer features in the free version of HitFilm, if the editing workflow would be perfected.


  • Triem23
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    @Markus I've combined your request thread with this one. Same request, this thread is older. Make sure you Up Vote at the top of the thread!

  • Tifa
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    Hi, I just voted this request. I want playback to not stop when I click away from the program please. Do I need to open another thread or just click the up vote? Thank you

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    @Tifa just click up vote.

    Duplicate threads with an already made request are merged into the older thread by Moderators and Staff. Then you'd have to come back and up vote, anyways.

  • StinkTofu
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    If this were to be implemented, I'd wish it would be optional because I prefer it the way it works right now (but still want others with different preferences to get an option suiting how they like it best). ;)

  • mcmundn
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    - Zooming / scrolling the timeline without interrupting the playback.

    Can be done by using the mousewheel-scroll while hovering the bars of the editor

    e.g. scaling bar: hover while playback, scroll, enjoy zooming in the timeline without interupting the playback

    I know it's only a workaround, but nowadays I got used to it.

  • Andersen01498
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    Hello anyone home that will fix this...oh I forgot people are leaving the company