Replacing video clips

I wonder if there's a way to replace a clip  I find that video from my phone edits smoothly but the audio is slightly out of sync. I can fix the sync problem just by running it through Handbrake, but then the editing in HF is choppy.  So the solution would be to edit with the originals and the repace them with the corrected ones before rendering.  If I recall in Premiere I could just right click the clip and click Replace but I don't see that option here.


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    I don't think there's an easy way to replace clips. If you still have Premiere, can't you transcode there instead of Handbrake and go to DNXHD?
    Another idea: try a Handbrake transcode, but try going to a higher profile, and maybe encode at a high data-ratee, like 100mbps. It will still be an Inter-frame file, but maybe less compression will speed things up in Hitfilm?
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    A couple of possible solutions.
    Probably too late for your current project, but rather than work with the actual media in your projects, create a composite for your media, and work with that. Now, you can easily replace the media in the composite.
    For your current situation, since HF won't let you replace the media, you can trick it, though if you have a lot of media scattered across your drive to replace, this can be a pain.
    When not in HF, move your media, start up HF, load your project, and HF will complain about not finding the media, and you can select any file you want.
    An easy method to keep track of which you're currently using is by the directory names.
    So you might have the following two directories.
    When you are done editing, rename Media_Edit to something like Media_Edit_Hide and restart HF, selecting media from the Media_Render directory to relink.
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    Good tips!  Of course If I was going to use Premiere, I might as well just edit it in Premiere. I don't actually have Premiere anymore anyway, seems kinda silly when I have HF.
    I may be able to just make composites from the current clips, but the "moving media" idea seems even better.