1. What computer, speed, storage, graphics, etc. do I need to quickly export long Youtube Videos?

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This is what I currently have. I have Hitfilm Express and want to try my hand at doing combo video music for a channel I created on YouTube. 1st project took 8 hours to export a 3 hour video. Want fast ability to export videos of durations up to 10 hours. These are the specs of my current computer.

SPECS OF CURRENT COMPUTER: Intel Core [email protected],2.71GHZ; RAM 12GB; System Type 64Bit operating system, x64 based processor; windows 10, version 1903

I will NOT be using this computer. This is simply info to go with my example. I want to BUY a new PC windows environment to do these projects long term. I don't want an all in one system. I'm guessing I could buy what I need in a tower (CPU). Then buy cheap keyboard and mouse.

2. Sound reasonable?

Prefer PC windows to save the learning curve associated with Apple/Mac based products. Trying to hit the ground running if you know what I mean.

3. Your opinion, please.

4.I'm toying with rather to save to the cloud (worried about confidentiality and hacking) vs. external drives. What is your opinion in this area?

5.Where can I buy this that I can walk out with it today? We have a local Best Buy, but frankly I prefer a different vendor if you know of one. I think all Best Buy has are up to 12GB models, at least online.


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    @timelesst the answer I can probably help the most with is for question 4. I wouldn't recommend saving projects midway to the cloud, or using the cloud to store any footage you are currently using. The main reason for this is that you're then not only waiting for footage to decode but also to download, and although it could work fine there could be slowdowns and difficulties. Other users may have some good solutions however, I've seen this discussed a few times.

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    @timelesst While I am not the most technical minded user here, those specs on the surface look reasonable for Hitfilm but THE most important spec for Hitfilm (IMHO) the GPU is missing. If a new build, I'd highly recommend trying for one of the new 3000 series NVidia GPUs or at the very least a 2000 series. Absolutely ditto what Ben said about saving to the cloud and retrieving from there.

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    I will share some thoughts about my situation

    From most to least important in chronological order





    GPU goes without saying, mine is a GTX 1660 S as of last X-mas. But some might react to the RAM and CPU placement. I've found it to be this way in my workflow mainly due to multitasking, render times and convenience when caching a full shot in RAM.

    I've tested this with my project and a drive swap monitor active. With 8 GB ram, export is just horrendous. Inserted another 8, cut export in half. Inserted it all which is 32, and from 16 to 32 it cut the export in roughly half once more.

    Thats just isolated to hitfilm. If im multitasking, which i always am, anything below 32 GB grinds my PC to a halt. I definitely need 64 GB as a next step.

    When i have got active projects in Corel, HitFilm and Reaper, its really bad with just 32 GB. Its swapping like crazy.

    My opinion on backups is that it should be done both cloud (project Files) and local, project files and everything youre working on. You also dont want to work from or to an external drive unless you are using a local >10 GB it/s connection. It should in theory still be a less than ideal experience due to the lag. I've found SSD's to be reliable enough however. I often keep things on a single 2 TB connected to my mobo using the same power as every other component in my PC. Disk drives crashed or got corrupted like nobody's business. I would nt even consider one for any reason in this day and age.

    As far as the processor is concerned, i'm still using a gen 1 Ryzen, 4c/8t. I feel like it does a decent job keeping up, but i'm quite often running into problems with full stops when multitasking. I dont think its as important for render times in my case, but i would love a 6c/12t just so that it accomodates me better, and (should) also stop crashing my things.

    Corel https://www.paintshoppro.com/en/products/paintshop-pro/standard/?hptrack=mmap

    Reaper https://www.reaper.fm/

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    Great info folks! We're currently searching out deals based on your recommendations. We're in amazon Prime Days now so hoping to get something soon.

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