NEW iMac completely freezes on export — WTH?

duaneconder Posts: 2
I'm experimenting with HitFilm as a pre-process exporter for b'cast television. I've activated the software and have sucessfully exported two 22:30 programs with Cine Style and Color Balance... Both look great. I started the third and the iMac froze. I shut down, restarted, same thing, repeat 3x. The third QT mov is identical to the previous two. The effects are exactly the same. The app is running on a brand new iMac purchased for this exact purpose; specs attached as an image. Anybody have any idea what's going on and how to work around?


  • CalebK
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    You have ran into the curse of mac rendering.... (i dont have a mac similar to yours) ... it seems to be mostly mac users that have rendering errors... or is it just me?
  • SimonKJones
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    What happens if you try to re-export the first project? Does that still export correctly, or does that now have a problem as well?
  • duaneconder
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    Simon... will run it again when time allows and will let you know. However, I can tell you that what is happening is that the HitFilm app is hijacking all the mac's RAM- see attached image. When I export through AMC CC 2014, I usually have 10GB of available RAM on that memory indicator... that's 10GB of expansion that's available for the OS and other apps including the ones that are already running.