Please make the forum edit timer unlimited

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(I've seen indirect discussions on this topic already)

I'll keep this short and to the point. Ever since I joined FXHome, approximately 9 years ago, I have been apart of the forum in some ways, and have watched as the forum lost and gained features, or went from 1 forum software to another. However, this is something that in my eyes, was an oversight.

One of the things that have kept this community as close as it has been, are the induvidual (large) threads of people's amazing projects and what they're working on. More and more appeared as time went on, and while some of these authors now have more forum powers, it doesn't take away the fact that newer creators can't create one of their own.

What do you think, is this way out of left field?


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    @kevin_n I personally would love to see your work in progress projects. If you are like me, you like to tinker around with HitFilm in your free time. Mostly, I usually post my work-in-progress HitFilm project files on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but I have been known to post here also.

    Feel free to create a thread that indicates that is what it is and then post you work there. I would call it something like "Kevin's Cool WIP" or "Kevin_N Latest Projects." FXhome has long encouraged users to share their work here on the forum, through social media, or even via an email (the address of which use to be [email protected] but now it [email protected]).

    Many users have created "personal work in progress" threads like this over the years. Those threads are for showing off work, but they can act like a personal blog keeping people up to date as to what you are doing and how things are going as well.

    Edit: You should put this thread under the "Show Off" category. Also, you can change the title to highlight the most recent thing posted.

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    I'm hoping this can be looked into. Its not great at the moment for older titles and OP's

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    I'd like to see the unlimited time to edit restored for legacy users anyway.

    It's disappointing that I cant edit my own content to reflect changes that were made to the content.

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