[FEATURE] Replace/swap media at the Composite Layer level

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Would it be possible to replace/exchange media associated to a layer with another media available in the media panel?

This would save a lot of time if we need to quickly exchange media without losing all the information already configured in the layer (transformations, effects, etc..).


  • Triem23
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    This is already possible in Hitfilm:

    Hold down ALT (CMD on Mac) while dragging a clip from the Media Bin over an existing timeline clip and the media will swap. Or, right-click a media clip in the bin, choose "Relink" and choose a different media file and the clip in the bin swaps for the new file.

  • HitFilmer56605
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    Hi Triem23, thank you for your reply and tips!

    I already know about the Relink feature at the Media Bin level, which is quite useful and use it very often to swap/exchange media.

    But i had no success trying to Hold down ALT and drag a media from the Media Bin to swap media in a composite shot Layer. When i use the right mouse click to open a Layer menu there is no Relink command available. The Relink command exists only at the Media Bin level.

    Any tips? I´ve changed the title of this post to better specify the feature request :)