[FEATURE] Use LFO´s (Low Frequency Oscillators) to animate parameters

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Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO) are well known tools in the audio world because they are mostly used to modulate the parameters of synthesizers, giving them life.

Hitfilm animate parameters using keyframes positioned in the timeline! Absolutely great!

But could LFO´s be implemented in Hitfilm to help animate parameters as well?

LFO´s don´t need to be timeline dependent, which means we could save some time, because there´s no need to create and drag keyframes in the timeline to reach the desired "effect speed". Just hook an LFO to a parameter, choose a waveform and and give it a value for the frequency.

LFO´s work with shapes - the waveforms. These waveforms can take any possible form, giving LFO´s the ability to modulate parameters in many possible ways. This might be a great way to get very organic results for parameter modulation. Modulating a parameter in a random fashion can also be achieved with LFO´s.

Parameter modulation using LFO´s can be made to be organic, machine like or absolutely random. Can visual generators benefit from these features?


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