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I would like to see an option to hide all search boxes.

Here is my proposal:

Add a checkbox named "Hide search boxes" on File -> Options -> Interface. By enabling this, all the search boxes on effects, media, timeline and control panels will be hidden.

How to access search boxes when they are hidden:

  1. If you want to search something on effects panel, press the middle mouse button anywhere on effects panel to reveal the search box,
  2. When the search box is revealed, must be already in focus and ready to type.
  3. When you finish, press again the middle mouse button anywhere on effects panel to hide the search box and disable the filtering.
  4. By pressing again the middle mouse button, the search box is revealed with the previous search term highlighted so the user can use the previous term again or type a new one.

The same applies to the other panels, if you want to search anything on media panel, just press middle mouse button on media panel and so on.

Pros of this approach:

  1. You gain some vertical space
  2. Cleaner UI
  3. Easier to access because you can middle click anywhere on the panel without the need to travel the cursor to the search box


  1. Not good for new users who learning Hitfilm, this is why this option must be disabled by default.


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    Great idea!

    Minor note, I've edited your headline to match the desired syntax for this particular subforum.

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