Export doesn`t work

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Thats my problem, the original clip looks way better than the exportet one. I don´t know how to solve this problem. My export properties are 4k 30fps. Thanks for your help.



  • NormanPCN
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    You did not specify what your export format was. Assuming is was Hitfilm "MP4" which is AVC/H.264 video output then most likely you need to raise your video bitrate. Average and max.

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    I agree, it looks like CODEC compression.

    I have read that HF is not the very best exporter so if infinite quality is an issue (i.e. not going to be streamed) then export a PNG Image Series then use another renderer (and hope you have very large HDD).


  • Garschi
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    you are both right it was the bitrate. I played around with the rate and export formats for over two hours and came to the result that the AVC/H.264 is still the best export method because with avi my HDD is a little bit too small for filesizes of 1Gig/sec. My final result was to increase the bitrate to 85 mbit/s (max. 100 mbit/s) for 4k and to 45mbit/s (max. 60mbit/s) for FullHD.

    Thanks for your help!

    P.S: If I am exporting the clip as an Image Sequenze, are there still all effects on the pictures and does it cause better quality results?

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    exporting the clip as an Image Sequenze, are there still all effects on the pictures and does it cause better quality results?

    An image sequence EXR/PNG is lossless. Highest quality. Not a delivery format intended for viewing. Rather to preserve all details in a shot when for instance moving a shot from 1 artist to another, or if you want to work on the shot in a different program. There's a 8 bit limit so the proffered method for a workflow like that is still Cineform, where H. 264/MP4 remain the delivery king for any and all content platforms that come to mind.

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    Minor correction: (@kevin_n ) EXR should support Export bit-depths up to 32-bit. Zach Allen actually touches on this in his "Marvel-Style Intro" tutorial on the FXHOME Youtube Channel when he changes the EXR sequence preset from 32-bit to 16-bit. EXR is Pro-Only.

    So, yes, an EXR or PNG Image Sequence is lossless - there will be no pixelization, but you'll end up with HUGE exports. For 8-bit PNG of a 1920x1080 timeline you're looking at rough 2MB/frame, or 16megabits. Putting it another way, each frame of a PNG export will take up the drive space of 1 second of video from the YouTube 24/25/29.97/30 fps preset.... So about 30 times larger than mp4. EXR (32-bit) will be four times larger than the PNG...

    Incidentally, the PNG format supports 16-bit/pixel, so I must remember to Wishlist that...

    Exporting as an Image Sequence means you have no audio. You'll have to also export your audio then remux your image sequence into a video file with the audio anyway.

    If you are taking your footage into another program for more editing/color correction there may be an advantage to a lossless image sequence, but, if your final output is going on YouTube, Vimeo or other streaming service, whatever you upload will be transcoded to a low-bitrate mp4 (which will degrade your image - I have an entire rant on that!). You won't have control over your final image quality.

    In general I'd say not to worry about lossless so much (any loss from Cineform will be so much less than what Youtube does, and you won't notice it unless you're zooming into your image 400% and "pixel peeping.") as color depth. If you're going into other programs for editing, and ESPECIALLY if you're going into Resolve for additional color correction, the additional color information from a 10-12 bit Cineform fole is far more important than the 8-bit, but lossless output on a PNG sequence, and less annoying than having to render out your audio and remux.

    If you're on MAC replace "Cineform" with "ProRes."