Hitfilm 15 Frequent Crashes

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I recently upgraded to Hitfilm 15, but I've been experiencing very frequent crashes (about every 1-2 minutes. From my experience, almost all of these crashes happen when attempting to slice a layer (Ctrl+Shift+D), and it's very irritating to have to reboot Hitfilm whenever these happen.

As far as hardware goes I'm running an RX 580 (AMD) and an i5 7700k. I've never had this much of an issue with crashing like this, so any help is appreciated.



  • Andy001z
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    firstly bummer, hope it's project related.

    So first things first, is it project related, if you do a new copy some media onto the editor and slice does it crash?

    If it works, can you share some more details about the size of your project, the media your using etc.

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