My Export is too slow.

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Guys i am using an i3 8100f 3.60 Ghz and 8gb ram and gt 710 but the export is taking too long

i have just added an motion blur feature

pls help


  • TheBenNorrisTheBenNorris Staff Administrator, Website User, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,558 Staff

    Motion blur is a very very time consuming feature, and is gonna impact the export quite a bit.

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    In addition to what Ben said. It should be stated that your GT 710 is like 2-3x slower compared to that HD 630. So if you havent already, make sure that HitFilm is not attempting to use it. It might think oooooh a dedicated GPU, im gonna set it as default. Even if its just used as a workaround for multi displays.

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    To re-sum up, and expand on what Ben Norris and CNK write:

    Your system is quite slow, an i3 processor is minimum spec, and the GT 710 is not much faster than the HD 5000, which is min spec. As CNK notes, you can speed things up a bit by forcing Hitfilm to use the UHD 620, but even that is less than twice the speed of the min spec hd 5000. The bottom line is you cannot expect speedy operation of Hitfilm on that machine.

    Motion Blur, by default, takes 20 sub-frame samples of each frame of your render. Obviously, anything sampling each frame 20 times will add significantly to render times. If you are using the Comp Shot Motion Blur, click the gear/cog icon at the bottom left of the layer stack to open the Comp's Properties. Select the Advanced tab and lower the number of samples in the motion blur. Lowering the samples will reduce the quality of the blur. You'll have to decide for yourself how low you can take the samples and still have acceptable blur. In the Motion Blur EFFECT you can also reduce the number of samples.

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    @Triem23 And digging even deeper. The minimum spec listed is technically not accurate on the Intel CPU side of things, and AMD CPU slightly less but still not quiete where they could be due to Ryzen lineups, including in the APU space.

    The Intel core i3, i5 and i7 are all referring to the old min spec because it just carried over. Gen 4 is too old and abandoned core and thread structures.

    The current up to date min spec should be

    Gen 7 Pentium, i3, i5

    2 core 4 threads (old i3 spec with no AVX ), 4 core 4 threads (old i5 spec), 6 core 6 threads (about equal to old i7 spec which was 4 core 8 threads.

    It has been this way since 2017 with the launch of the Pentium G4560. So if i as a consumer follow that spec sheet without prior knowledge and wouldnt want to be in the mid or high end range of processors because i want to nickel and dime, then i as a consumer would be overspending, in most cases double what i could otherwise pay. You can hardly find gen 7 at this time, let alone gen 4, unless used... Would still be a waste of money. So for consumers i think it should favor them

    In that sense i think its dangerous to not follow the trends, because gen 4 is just dead on arrival at this point in time. Besides, most people dont even know what that means, even after trying to research it themselves.

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,945 Enthusiast

    Nothing wrong with a Gen4 CPU, if that is what you have. I have an old box with a Gen4 4770k CPU running at a flat 4Ghz. That machine is quite capable in Hitfilm.

  • kevin_nkevin_n Website User Posts: 1,909 Enthusiast

    @NormanPCN I'll compress it. It's the thought that buying one today is a waste of money because even the i7 4770 (4 gen) is beat by the i3 10100 in both single and multi thread. If you already own one, or you can get one for cheaper than $100, then it is worth it but for that money as a fair comparison, $100 would get you a used current gen almost doubling it's performance. I definitely sound like a snob saying this, I'm just bad at conveying it due to lack of vocabulary. It's definitely off topic, just some thoughts I had on the subject.

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,945 Enthusiast

    Minimum specs are about what is required/desired to run the app at a basic level. In my stated case the 4Ghz 4770k was very capable in Hitfilm. Min specs got nothing to do with what you should buy.

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