Dragonball Z-ish power up effect.

I'm trying to create a Dragonball Z-ish power up cloud around one of the actors in my footage. I'd like to make a glowing 3d circle on the ground that he is standing inside of and energy particle particles shooting upward all around him. I just can't figure out how to do this. I am relatively new to hitfilm and love the program. I would really appreciate anyone's input.


  • Triem23
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    I am not seeing your Express/Ultimate badge. Assuming you are on Ultimate, take a look as this tutorial. Most of these techniques are similar to what you want to do.

    Also, take a look at the Masking tutorial on the Support page. If you didn't shoot your actor on greenscreen, you'll need to know those tools as well.
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    Thanks for the help Triem23, but I may not have explained myself properly.  The actors were not filmed on a green screen.  I am trying to make a 3D glowing circle on the ground which one actor is standing inside of.  I want it to be visible in the foreground but not visible when it goes behind him.  I think I can make the energy cloud with a particle simulator but the glowing circle is the part I can't figure out.  How do you make an effect seem 3D eithout a green screened actor.  
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    For that. you would add a mask to the effect, to remove the area that should be behind the actor.  Or, duplicate the layer with the actor, mask out the area of the actor that appears in front of the circle, and layer that over the top of the effect.
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    Thanks Axel...  which brings up one more question for me.  I'm pretty used to photoshop so in photoshop when I mask something out the masked part is transparent.  In hitfilm when I mask something out the masked area is black.  how do I make them transparent so I can do what you said in your last comment?
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Its only black because you are seeing through the layer, to the back of the work area.  Its still transparent, just like in Photoshop, you just don't see a checkerboard pattern, you see black.
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    You're right about the particle simulator being used for the swirling particles "wrapping" around your actor. 
    One way you could do it is to duplicate your footage layer and mask out your character on the top most layer, set that top layer into 3D space (make it a 3D layer) and align your 3D particles so that they swirl around your character in 3D space.
    As for the circle on the ground - similar to the above, duplicate your footage - mask around the actor - apply the circle to the ground on the background layer.  This should create the illusion that your character is standing on and inside the circle. 
    We didn't use a green screen either: 
    Right at the 13s mark we created a "dbz-esque" style power up using the above techniques. 
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    Orange Peoke is the boss at any dbz like effects! If he says something he means it cause he's good at stuff like that.
  • Livid
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    OrangePekoe1.  Thanks for the info and may I say that your work is pretty amazing.  Was that whole movie created with Hitfilm?  Also, do you have any tutorials that you have made?  I would like to be able to create to be able to learn the progam well enough to be able to create like that at some point.  Are there any tips you could give me to help me learn better/faster?


  • Thanks Livid. 

    The whole video was created within HitFilm (all compositing, animation and effects were creating using what HitFilm Ultimate 2 has to offer).  The models themselves were created outside of HitFilm using Blender 3D but were animated and composited using HitFilm's own tools. 

    I have two quick tutorials / overviews of how I've done energy blasts from Particle Warfare and Volumetric Clouds from Debris Field but other than that I unfortunately haven't had much time to do other tutorials.  The VFX Breakdown for Particle Warfare gives a really quick tutorial on how I did my blasts and a general overview as to how I setup my shots within the compositor. 

    My best advice for learning this stuff is to keep at it.  Film as much as you can, practice VFX as often as you can.  Watch videos and try to dissect how they did the VFX shots.  The only way to learn is to do, not just watch.  So get your hands dirty and play with the particle simulator a lot.

    This community is fantastic when it comes to advice, opinions and help so continue asking for help and make sure you're trying to discover things on your own as well. 

    Get inspired, get creative, problem solve and have fun :)