Have a shot of building a jigsaw and need to add image that appears as it's being built

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I don't really know the right lingo to use to come up with a better title haha.

Essentially I'm working on a transition for my partner's stream and have created a composite shot of a jigsaw being built. To help make it look better, I'd like some of these transitions to fit with her other screens she has as she uses the completed jigsaw puzzle with some text as a BRB screen for example.

I'd like to find a way to quickly make these transition shots work so it builds that next screen, rather than building a blank puzzle then have it suddenly switch to a screen that has text. The text I have is in Hitfilm as a PNG from Photoshop. This video below should show what I'm after ideally however what's ended up happening that I couldn't see until I tested is that the text appeared in the transparent areas as just black (I've since changed background in Hitfilm to green to spot this).

Any ideas on how to best proceed with this kind of thing? I've tried a couple of things but they don't seem to work. Also note that the composite shot building the puzzle contains 426 layers so anything that doesn't require me to alter all of those would be appreciated. Reason I don't recreate those layers is that I need to do this multiple times for other screens.


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    Ahh figured it out. Looks like I hadn't played with Set Matte well enough. I thought I had tried everything but not quite. I was able to set up the PNG of the text with the Set Matte effect, have my composite shot of the jigsaw being built as the source layer, have Matte Source as alpha, Blend as Subtract and then tick Invert. With that all done it's working perfectly. Hopefully this helps someone with the same issue in future. :)

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