Hitfilm crashes making a video composite shot

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Hey all, I've spent about 8 hours on my latest video, and ran into an issue making composites. I was able to make several composites up until now, but when I try to make a composite from a specific media file, the program crashes. Specifically, I have a linked video/audio voiceover, and only when attempting to make a composite from the video, it will crash. Here's what I've tried:

-Making a composite from linked audio/video of 'voiceover.mp4' (see screenshot) - crashes

-Unlinking audio/video and making composite from video of 'voiceover.mp4' - crashes

-Unlinking audio/video and making composite from AUDIO of 'voiceover.mp4' - works

-Making composite of different video file - works

-Making composite of ENTIRE 'voiceover.mp4' from media dock - works

I've also tried updating my drivers to latest, rebooting, all the normal Windows fixes, no changes. I actually work in IT so I don't mind doing some error log mining if there's specific Hitfilm error log locations I should be looking in. I really don't want to start over...I'm still new to editing so it takes me awhile to get through things, and this is already the longest I've spent on a video. It would be incredibly demoralizing to start from scratch :/

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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    OK nevermind, here's what I did to fix it:

    Found the timeline in the master video file (voiceover.mp4) that I wanted to start making the composite from and got the exact mm:ss:ms position. Then I unlinked the audio/video and removed just the video of the entire rest of the video. Then I set the 'in' point on the master media video file to the exact mm:ss:ms position, and dragged over just the video into the timeline. Matched it up so it synced with my audio, reapplied the grading elements I had applied up until that point, and voila. I can make composites again.

    Edit: spoke too soon. It seems like if I import the entire video clip without doing anything else to it (clipping, applying grading) I can make a composite. If I clip and apply grading, it starts crashing again. Trying to isolate furhter...maybe hitfilm doesn't like making composite from video that's already had grading/color correction applied to it?

    Edit2: yes, I figured it out. I removed the color grading/correction to the clip, then tried to make a composite, now hitfilm is happy. So I guess I can't apply the color corrections until after the composite is done, or within the composite shot itself. Interesting quirk.

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    To anyone else reading this or having a similar problem - I'm learning that I have to remove all the color correction/grading from video before doing my slicing/edits. As I'm continuing to work on this project, I'm encountering a TON of crashes if the video is already color corrected/graded. Recommend not doing that until all your video edits are done, could be just my own experience though.

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    It seems you've found a workaround, which is great. But if you don't mind, could you please upload the file that's causing this issue so I and perhaps others could try to figure out what's going on? A small portion of the clip will also work if its causing the same issue.

    What effects did you use?

    In addition, please provide your PC specs:

    CPU, RAM, GPU, GPU driver

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    Sure. I'll attach a clip, it doesn't seem to matter what the length is. The effects that cause it to crash attached in the 7zip file I included, along with the clip.

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600

    RAM: 16GB DDR4 dual channel

    GPU: 5700XT

    GPU driver: latest (20.9.2 at the time of post)