Can I make the text a mask?

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(Sorry, I am using a translator)

I want to create an animation that changes the shape of the text.

(Increase or change part of the letter, etc.)

So I am trying to change the text to a mask.

Can I make a text-shaped mask?

Or is there any other way to create a text transformation animation?

thank you.



  • CleverTagline
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    HitFilm doesn't currently have any features for converting text to masks. If you have HitFilm Pro (or the Motion: Puppet add-on pack for Express), you can use the Puppet tool to deform text. Depending on what you want to achieve, this might be a workable option. I did that for this quick test a couple years ago:

    Another possibility is to add other color layers on top of the text to make it appear that the text is transforming, as I did in this example for another thread:

    If you want to make the text appear to be breathing, the Bulge effect could be useful.

    Even though HitFilm doesn't let you convert text to masks, there are still plenty of ways to deform text using other tools. The key is to think outside the box and get creative!