High Efficiency or Most Compatible for iPhone 7

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Hey guys!

I'm planning on using my iPhone 7 for shooting some simple vlogs which I'll edit on Hitfilm express on a PC. I understand that HEVC is leaner on storage but I was wondering if it affects quality when importing to hitfilm.

Also, would either of these be better for transcoding?


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  • triforcefx
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    @geronimo Well this might make your choice easy:

    High efficiency/HEVC/H.265 is NOT compatible with HitFilm. If you use it, you’ll have to transcode no matter what.

    Most Compatible/H.264 will mostly work with HitFilm right out of the box.


    No matter which option you choose, iPhone will always record in Variable Frame Rate, which HitFilm (and most video editing software) hates. This can cause weird issues like audio de-sync, and it runs slow in HitFilm too. You’ll probably want to transcode anyway, in which case maybe you should record in High Efficiency just to save space on the initial recording.