Program crashes due to new composite shots

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edited September 2020 in HitFilm

Hello guys,

I´m a little frustrated at the time because almost every time when I want to create a new composite shot in Hitfilm Pro 15, the program crashes with the message: We´re sorry. Hitfilm Pro encountered a problem...

It can´t be a matter of the hardware. I´m editing a tiny project in 720p right now and I also create a lot of projects in 4k. There were almost no problems at all in the past but since Hitfilm Pro 15 I experience these problems with the composite shots. By the way, I only have this issue when working on Windows.

The problem only occurs when I create a composite shot from the layer itself. (I rightclick the layer in the timeline and choose "Make Composite Shot")

Does anyone have the same problem with creating new composite shots?

Is there anything in order to prevent Hitfilm from crashing concerning this issue?

I would really appreciate if you could help me or at least if you could explain the problem.