Help with composite shots.

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I am rather new to video editing and trying to learn through tutorials online. I came across a 3D slideshow animation, I wanted to put in to my video I am currently working on. I have it all figured out expect for one problem I keep running in to. When the my images and camera reach the 5 second mark, everything goes gray. I have looked online and learned I could increase the time on all of my images and layers and did that, but It still goes gray even after increasing the time. I really want to figure this out.

Thanks for your help guys




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    If your source clip is only 5 secs long. Unless you change the Speed/Duration (Right Click) there is no more video to play.

    You can create a "loop" by repeating the clip or it may be better to either add new material or at least do something to make that repeating 5 secs of vision to appear to move & change. keyframing is probably your friend there.

    I do hope that video is ok for you to use as the words "came across" sound a bit like "stole". If so, take care as it is a great way to get a bad reputation.


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