How can I improve the quality of the MP4 export file?

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I'm building a video for youtube ads and, for that reason, the quality of the image must be on top.

The problem is that when I try to export to MP4, the color edges blends due to compression. To compare the video I did two scenarios with a sample of 8 sec:

  1. Exported from HitFilm in AVI format, uploaded in youtube, in which he did the conversion to MP4 (image on the left);
  2. Exported from HitFilm directly in MP4 (image on the right);

As you can see, the MP4 exported directly puts a "shadow" on the color edges. I've tried increasing the bitrate and the antialiasing but it didn't change anything. The AVI sample that I exported with 8 sec has 1,85 GB so, I cannot do the same with a 1 min film.

Is there a way to export directly to MP4 in HitFilm without losing the quality in terms of color edges?



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