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mdjviper Website User Posts: 4 Just Starting Out

This is a book trailer I made for my wife recent release. This is really my first foray into video creation so I'm open to all feedback. Thanks everyone.


  • Andy001z
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    First but bad at all. Your strongest element was the audio, nicely done.

    The visuals needed a bit of polish, but the message was clear.

    I certainly had a clear idea of what the book was about, I didn't however get any understanding of any charterers, what drives the story? Is this about a vigilante group working to save women from the clutches of the government repopulating program, it a personal story of a father and husband protecting his wife and daughters?

    Anyway good start

  • fimax
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    edited September 2020

    I like that telling a story is your top priority. And did you want to achieve this certain look from the beginning on? I don´t really know ho to evaluate it.

  • mdjviper
    mdjviper Website User Posts: 4 Just Starting Out
    Sorry it took so long to respond. Andy001z thank you for your evaluation. I did think the audio went well. For the visuals, I agree, I'm interested in what you thought needed polish if you are willing to share. I will say that my computer could not handle the elements so I had a really hard time polishing at all. Now I have a better one. Thank you for taking the time to review.
  • mdjviper
    mdjviper Website User Posts: 4 Just Starting Out
    Fimax, I had grander designs in mind, but my computer speed limited me. I'm really interested in your thoughts on A. the overall feeling it produced for you, and B. the quality of the prodiction.
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