Compositing a Star Wars spaceship scene from 2d images

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I started by choosing a location for my spaceship. On I found this nice looking picture of a desert with enough space for a potential landing.

To create more depth, I cut out a piece of the rock formation at the left and blured it out. Also I added clouds to the sky.

After that I placed my spaceship in the desert, a png picture, also from Furthermore I created a shadow under the ship for realism. That was alo important for later, because you shouldn´t see the cut between the star destroyer and the ground.

In the next step I positioned my camera for a nice framing and choosed a 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

The last and most important step was, of course, the color grading, which is responsible for the dark and moody atmosphere. The grade consists of a strong day for night effect, several smoke layers and 3d lights, tons of contrast and lots more.

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