question about hitfilm express complete and typical installtion

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if i accidentally downloaded te complete installation rather than the typical installation how do i remove the complete installation without affecting the hitfilm express software. I'm running low on space after i downloaded the complete installation and i don't think i really need the complete although are there really advantages of the complete installtion rather than the typical one? thanks in advance those who would answer πŸ˜€


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    Just run the installer again. You will be given choices to "Change," "Repair," or "Remove." Select "Change." Here, you will be able to select and remove components. If you have not purchased the Mocha Hitfilm add-on, you can choose to uninstall that. If you do not own Magix Vegas Pro you can choose to uninstall those integration components. The program, effects and transitions are required for operation of the software.

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    Thank you thank you for the response :)