Artificial Intelligence & Color Grading: Who's in Favor?

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The topic is based off the subject this NoFilmSchool feature.

Right off the bat, I personally support any piece of technology that acts as a shortcut for workflows.

I'm, however, curious if certain editors in specific places will even care about this.

For instance, in Japan, 90% of video production is straight off the camera and onto the TV. Color Correcting is virtually useless, (at least in urban settings) because of the sheer amount of lights pouring from all directions, especially in places like Shinjuku. So they just do "more or less" white balancing, film, cut and boom, its published!

Unless, you settle for Orange Teal or some desaturated color scheme, which tends to be the case if someone REALLY wants to color urban footage in japan.

But that's my cookoo brain getting into many details! What about you chums? Are you in favor of this tech?


  • Triem23
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    The article, arguably, is using a bit of a misnomer here. Seems ColourLab is really more about CORRECTION (matching cameras and setting a good "neutral" tone) than GRADING (cool and stylish looks).

    Anything that speeds up correction is fine by me. That's the tedious part. Colourlab is still leaving me free to build my own looks.

  • benedict_roffmarsh
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    I am far more of a Composer & Mix Engineer than Color Grader but my opinion about similar things appearing in the music space is that they are interesting technology but a very bad idea. This idea that people seemed to have swallowed hook line & sinker that there is a "right" tone and everything else is wrong is massively dangerous as it destroys variety and even new "styles" of expression.

    Sure something like a Compressor that automatically stops levels from "blowing" on radio is a useful tool. It doesn't try to change things as such, merely cope with variety (that increasingly a remotely skilled mix engineer would already have sorted).

    Many of the auto-this-that-n-the-others coming along are trading on indicating that the plugin can do our jobs for us. This may be attractive if you can't do the job, are are too lazy to learn or hire what you need, or are unwilling to live with what you get; but this is a fundamental fail when what we are supposed to be doing is Art.

    Art is a human endeavor so handing the tricky bits, the very bits that get defined by our human decisions, off to a few rule sets strikes me as the complete opposite of Art. The handing away of all our power in one of the few areas in which we can really do something unique.

    I talked about this in an article on artificial singers:

    Would you think this "singer" was worth your passion?


  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    I think it's promising, since the Colour Intelligence team is focusing on automating the tedious part of color grading in an effort to facilitate the creative part. Once the shots are matched, the colorist is free to be creative, and if ColourLab achieves its goals, it will save time rather than try to do the colorists' work for them.

    I haven't had a chance to try it yet due to the mac only part, and not having a mac, but hopefully I will soon(ish).