CG geek

I want to make a CG geek logo like the one in this video (0:46)

Does anyone have any idea how to do this? I may be able to make a preset but...

not sure if i can do that :P



  • tddavis
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    @moviesthehouse If you are talking about the 2 pendulums swinging through the hoop bit, that was done in Blender. The video walks you through the a degree if you have Blender experience. :) Now, animating will take the most time to learn but since you want to make a logo you can follow the modeling part then set the pose like you want and render an image.

    Edit: Apologies! I see I totally misunderstood what you were asking about.

  • ndpproductions
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    @moviesthehouse Creating the CG Geek logo inside of Hitfilm is (most likely) possible. After watching the intro a couple of times, it looks like you could use masks or mattes to create the text reveal and then use the grid effect to add the grid appearance. Then you could make everything 3D and animate the camera to move around the text how you want it to. You could then use the text extrusion geometry (in Hitfilm Pro or in the 3D: Generate Add On pack for Express) to give it the 3D depth. I hope this helps! 😀