Speed up encoding for HitFilm

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Trying to encode a video with one line of video, one line of music, and a few text boxes here and there. My CPU and GPU hit 35% at max. My HDD and SSD (software on SSD and files on HDD) sit between 0% and 1%. The video is 17m:41s:04ms long.

Why would this Hitfilm encoder use so little resources?

Why is it taking 2hrs and 40min to encode this?

How can I speed this up?

My system specs are:

Display: 2x32" Acer U LED 4ms


CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-8700K (4.7 GHz Max Turbo)

RAM: 32GB 2666MHz DDR4

HDD: WD Green 1000GB SSD | 1TB HDD


PSU: 500W

Special Add-Ons: Liquid Cooling | 802.11AC Wi-Fi | Tempered Side Glass | 16 Color RGB Lighting Remote Controlled Case | iBuyPower Gaming Keyboard & Mouse



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    I think the Input preferences of you Video are not the same like export Option. I mean Bitrate/compression/fps/size/cbr/vbr etc.

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    Is it possible to save my videos with a lossless codec? And then encode them with Hybrid or any other encoding program? I'm using HitFilm 4 Express.

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    This is a new forum account, but Hitfilm 4 Express is 6 or 7 years old. It's unlikely that's the version you're running. The current version is 16.

    The links in your post were removed. One, to what seems to be a personal photo gallery, was probably fine. The other, to an essay writing service violates this sites T&C's. Consider this informal warning to be careful with outside links. Your personal gallery is fine. Student cheating services are not.

    You're a bit "off topic" lossless encoding isn't the same question as speeding up encoding.

    Also, posts about ancient versions of Hitfilm from "new" forum accounts that are off topic and have spam links usually are from bots. You'll need to post in here something that makes the mods certain you are human, else the account might be deleted. On the other hand, most bots post within a minute of account creation, you were about 15 min. Still, I do wish to verify you're a person. Thanks, much.

    Finally, let's answer your question!

    The only "lossless" output from Hitfilm is Uncompressed AVI. Not typically a good format. If you really are on Hitfilm 4, it's your only option. Maybe one of the ProRes options if you're on MAC.

    Current versions of Hitfilm offer Cineform (Windows) or ProRes (Mac). That's your intermediate codec for outside conversion to mp4 or other format and is what you should use.