Effectslab pro like presets in Hitfilm

KrazyKillerBiker Posts: 2 Just Starting Out*

Hi hit filmers,

Old timer from Effectslab pro here, trying to learn and understand hitfilm with my young son.

Back in my day Effectslab pro had a whole lot of created presets (from particles to colour grades etc) to download and import (I see they are still available to download) but Effectslab pro doesn't play nicely with my Windows 10 pc and hangs every few frames. So I have upgraded to Hitfilm.

Does Hitfilm have have a library of user created presets? If so where can they be found and how to add them?

If not, that is sad because it was really convenient to use these rather than having to go through all the effect or particles settings and do them yourself.

Thanks for your time and stay healthy.

Kind regards,