[ENHANCEMENT] Keyframing Text Panel parameters

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it would be a good feature to add key framing to the text settings on the text tab, including text size, color, line and character spacing, vertical and horizontal scale and baseline shift.


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    It would definitely come in handy to be able to add key frames to stuff like the letter spacing and whatnot.

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    Yes, it is a good idea. We need this feature.

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    Keying of features in the text (tracking, Line spacing, etc. Is really needed for Mograph work.

    At the moment when I'm doing mographs I have to decide between using Fusion and watching it crash every 5 minutes, or using Hitfilm and either skipping richly animated text or doing super wonky workarounds

    Wonky workarounds of course are kinda our thing here in HitFilm world but it sure would be nice to be taken seriously for MoGraph work using HitFilm

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    Annoyingly Vegas Pro has its Legacy Text hidden in the Deprecated/Legacy features you now have to search out and turn on, and Legacy Text is the text engine in Vegas that let you keyframe all those attributes

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    I've been using keyframes with text a ton recently, and something that I have not seen at all at least in Hitfilm Express is the ability to keyframe text properties, like word spacing, character spacing and so on, this makes it very difficult to manually animate each letter so they move accordingly.

    This concept could be applied to basically any value/list inside Hitfilm, wether you'd like to keyframe the blending mode or basically anything else. It would use a stepped interpolation but it would ease the process nonetheless.

    Again, I am not completely sure if this is a Hitfilm Pro only feature but if it isn't it would be a rather interesting new one.

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    Hello Fxhome!!! iI would be really nice/cool if you added a Text spacing animation effect to Hitfilm express/pro just like the same effect in after effects. Text spacing animation is a text effect that separates the text with Key framing. Think of this like key framing text but more advanced.For example like credits in a action movie, and if you don’t like key framing the whole text, you can keyframe the letters. Example: “cool” to “c o o l” to “c o o l” but its moving by key framing the letters to separate and you can make it smooth. I know that Hitfilm already has this effect in the text area but there’s a problem, it’s not keyframes the text it’s just separating the text and keeping it like that. It would be nice you can add a keyframes part to separating texts, That would be awesome

    ~Steven M (DjRe4per)

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    I've merged your thread with this older thread requesting the same feature. Make sure you Vote Up here at the top of the thread.

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    I agree that this would be very helpful. I am reworking some of my old videos that were made in some other software that I won't pay a monthly fee for. Anyway, there is one title scene where I have the title spaced out a little and have the letters slowly get closer over the course of 5 seconds. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't do this in HitFilm. I did the title in another popular, free software and imported that back into Hitfilm. Other than that, all the effect scenes I am redoing are coming out 1000 times better than the originals due to Hitfilm (and the fact that I have a few more years of practice).

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    This is absolutely essential feature in professional animation. Please make it done!

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    My biggest wish for in a future Hitfilm Pro versions is to be able to animate all the text parameters.

    This has probably already been requested, but I wanted to ask it again, because it is so essential.

    Greetings Alain😃

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    I have merged your thread with this earlier one making the same request. Make sure you Vote Up at the top of the thread.

    Also, please read the following. Your thread did not follow the requested/required syntax.

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    @throndronis I have merged your feature request thread with this one. To keep requests easy for the devs to count votes for we try for specific requests. Most of your original thread was about keyframing text options, which is why I moved your request here (make sure to Vote Up at the top of the thread).

    Then you go on to say "This concept could be applied to any..." which is effectively a vague "keyframe everything" request. Specific requests are more likely to be noticed than general.

    You later go on to use Blend Modes as an example. Consider making a new thread for that - although I believe it's highly unlikely such a feature would ever be implemented. I can't think of any software that does it, although it's an interesting idea. On paper blend modes are mathematical transformations of channel values, so it might be possible. Dependa on order of operations, I guess. In general the Blend Mode is the last thing applied after masks, effects and transformation. No idea if the devs would be able to add keyframing in that slot, but, the more I type this paragraph, the more interesting I think the idea is. I'd Vote Up that request. I might write it myself!

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    There are various text types in HitFilm, with advantages and drawbacks to them:

    Text Layer (Express): A common way to work with text and it's intuitive (click and write your text), but you can't keyframe the parameters of the text like the text itself, font or character spacing. The text animation is limited to the behavior section and the behavior itself can't be customized.

    Text Effect (Express Add-On): You need to add a plane and add a text effect unlike the text layer, you can animate some parameters (text itself with constant keyframes, color, size and line spacing), but not others like character spacing and font. It can't be animated with the behaviors.

    BCC Title Studio (Pro Exclusive): The best way to work with text animation, but not really intuitive. You can animate and customize almost every parameter except some like the text itself and font, as far as I know. You can generate random text that changes to the text you want, animate numbers and display date and time (only in english afaik). The drawback is the confusing UI and that it's not native to HitFilm (you can't animate the text to match words with the music, voice or other layers without exiting the UI, checking the time and frames and modifying it again).

    A version of the text layer including some of the advantages of every type of text would be really helpful. Maybe a powerful text animation effect or layer can be Pro only or with Add-Ons to keep the effects as they are now, but mixing the best of the three worlds would be amazing to work with text animation in a future version of HitFilm.

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    @penwinrawr I've merge your request with this older one asking for the same feature. Make sure you Vote Up at the top of the thread. 👍

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    Keyframing the text options fixes some of the things I'm talking about, but some can say that the text effect already does something like that.

    Maybe I was unclear, another type of animation for text is character-by-character animation, or word-by-word animation, behaviors do that for the text layer but they are not customizable. BBC Title studio (and also BCC Type On Text) can allow customizing that type of animation and a lot more but it depends on a different UI and for interaction between words, music, voices and other layers you'll be jumping in and out the UI to adjust them. It'll be better if some of the customization can be part of the text layer instead of depending on additional effects.

    Keyframing the text options is just a part of the enhancement to text animation that can be possible to make it better.

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    I'm surprised that Hitfilm Pro/VEGAS Effects cant animate simple text tracking. Adding more keyframe control over text parameters would be great. Cuz all NLE/compositor out there got an option for editor to keyframe the text tracking overtime.

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    @datoaliffalex I merged your request thread with this older one making the same request. Make sure you Vote Up at the top of the thread. 👍

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    Hello Fxhome!!!

    i would be really nice/cool if you added a Text spacing animation effect to Hitfilm express/pro just like the same effect in some competitors.

    Text spacing animation it must be an essential.

    The option to keyframe the text parameters directly from the text panel... That would be GREAT