Phone video only plays audio

coyotekarma Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

Hi, I recorded some videos on my LG K51, downloaded it onto my laptop, and put the clips into Hit film Express. In the trimmer, it plays the clips perfectly fine, but in the viewer it only plays the audio with no video to go along with it. How can I fix this problem?


  • FilmSensei
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    @coyotekarma The video coming directly out of your phone is most likely a Variable Frame Rate. Non-linear editors like HitFilm sometimes has trouble handling that kind of footage. The best solution is to transcode it into a Fixed Frame Rate format. You can use a free transcoding application like Handbrake to do this. I have an LG G6, and I transcode everything recorded out of it. Here is a video that I did a long time ago about how to transcode using Handbrake...

    Also, here is a video that I made on how to transcode multiple files...