A Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller style short film

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Hi everyone !

Just wanted to share that project that was made a few years ago. This is the perfect exemple of frustrated limitations :

The bunch of friends that were involved in the project were NEVER available. The result is just two of them, and just...2 hours of shooting time !

So I made my best, editing the rushs, and trying to add that Frank Miller photography style, but I missed it completely. The last sequence, in front of a green screen, to be able to add the fire nice and easy, wasn't good enough, but we weren't able to shoot it again.

Finaly, I still like the editing, the mood of the short film, and I always smile when I'm watching it.

What about you guys ?

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  • Andy001z
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    Not bad at all, best VFX moment goes to the lighter. Love that belt.

    The blood on the floor really cried out for some feathering it when just lowering the opacity to blend it in more to the scene.

  • FilmSensei
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    @skynetstudio Yep... the belt is the coolest thing ever. I need one of those! Maybe a Blend Mode of Overlay for the puddle of blood?

  • CyberFighterMovie
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    Nice job, considering the limitations. The gas can roto to isolate the red is seamless. And yes, I concur about the belt! I think that what you might want to try to give it a more Frank Miller look is experiment with the Curves or Crush Blacks & Whites tool to see if you can bump the contrast up, along with the other suggestions about the blood. That will probably help sell the last greenscreen shot too. The only thing that really gives the effect away is the lighting; it's a pretty good key otherwise.

  • skynetstudio
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    Thank you all guys, for the feedback.

    I agree with all of your suggestions, especially the color of the blood, and the color grading to get more of that Frank Miller style.

    I didn't have the same skills at rhe time, may be I should shoot another Film Noir again.

  • FilmSensei
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    Maybe I should shoot another Film Noir again.

    I personally would love to see that!