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I own an older MacBook Pro that can't go past 10.11.6. While it can't run the latest Hitfilm, it runs Hitfilm 3 Express without issue. I cannot get a serial for this older version through the website. Is there any way I can get one? I would REALLY like to stick to this software for future projects as I've found it really straightforward as a beginner. Worth saying, I'll happily pay for the license if necessary.

Thanks for your help everyone!


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    @onedarkcrow Sadly, the license generation system at FxHome is not able to generate license except for the version that is the latest release. While the installers for the older software are there for download, it is only for the convenience of users who had a previously licensed edition of that version. This really only affects using a version 2017 and older i.e. HFE 4,3, 2 etc. With the release of version 6 the way the license was handled changed and if you download the latest 15.1 and activated (even if you can't run it successfully as long as it activates and puts a serial in your ACCOUNT info keyed to an email you used when you downloaded) you will be able to download and run everything back to 6 if I am not very mistaken.

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    That is terrible news for me and really alienating for those of us on older systems. Thanks @tddavis Would you be able to recommend similar software that can run on older systems? I'm using it mostly for motion graphics as in lyric videos.

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    @onedarkcrow Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of experience with other software except for Pinnacle Studio before I found Hitfilm. It had none of the compositing capabilities however and was more a less a straight editor and DVD authoring option. I head DaVinci Resolve and Vegas mentioned a lot in these forums but have very little experience with them. Sorry I couldn't be of more help in that.

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    Just curious. but if the OP has a valid license for HF3e, why can he not use it? Maybe I just missed the point, but he could deactivate it from one computer and put it on another, right? I have HF3e listed in my versions of HF on my account page and it looks like I could just download and install it from there. Could the OP not do that? Maybe license is not valid for his email? :-(

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    @DataDesign I may have misunderstood, but I thought he was looking to get a license for HF 3 as it would run (I assumed) in Demo mode for him on the older Mac system. But he may have been running it on another system, and if that is the case you are correct.

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    @onedarkcrow It appears that HitFilm 11 should run fine in El Capitan. HitFilm 11 is covered by the current license and can be found here:

    To address your concerns, as of HitFilm 6, you CAN use older versions if they work better for you, even if they were released years before you bought the software. They do this to give as many people as possible access to HitFilm. They do not alienate users on older hardware. While this won’t be retroactively applied to 2017 and earlier (that would be impractical), in 5+ years, users on older systems will be grateful that they can go back in time to a version that works for them. No other (paid) video editing software does it to this extent. And the best part is that when you do decide to upgrade, you can get the newer version without having to pay again (if you’re on Pro).

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