Multiple images in one clip

BionicTem Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

Hi, i was wondering if it was possible to have an image change into different images across the timeline. For example, say i had a stickman standing at rest, then i wanted to replace him with an image of a stickman with his arm out, do i have to insert a completely new image to the timeline or is there a way that i can have a bit of media have multiple states which i can have it switch between over time.


  • Randyrhoads3
    Randyrhoads3 Posts: 57 Just Starting Out*

    This is coming from a video editor point of view. If your using the editor timeline then yes have different clips side by side on the time line and adjust to the time you want them to be viewed. I would also say a stick man could be a good candidate for using the puppet tool. Then you could just make the movements on the fly. I hope I addressed the question. If not the gang will be here soon to help. ; )