Future Pixar Renderman Support for Blender - Thoughs?

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Wow. So recently it was announced that Pixar is developing an official Pixar Renderman addon for Blender.

What is Pixar Renderman?

Pixar Renderman is a render engine like Blender Cycles, Blender Eevee, Arnold, Redshift, Octane, etc. It is a physically based render engine which combines unbiased and biased rendering techniques (unbiased -> very physically and scientifically accurate rendering, biased -> some shortcuts taken to improve/increase speed). This makes the render engine extremely fast. However, the render engine it self isn't what fully excites me about this new development/information.

It's easy to hear "Pixar Renderman - Pixar's render engine" and think that it's only used for stylized and cartoony films. However, the render engine is used in many ways, and is very capable of photo realistic renders. It was used to render a lot of the CG in Star Wars and stuff like the Iron Man armor in the movies. It was also used in the live action Lion King movie!


Why I am excited about Pixar Renderman?

Blender is a tool like any other. You can model, sculpt, retopologize, etc. However, I assume it is difficult to use Blender is a professional setting with many industry standards addons and plugins do not work with it. Now, one of the most popular engines used in feature films and blockbusters is supporting Blender. Blender Cycles is nice, but having some industry standard is awesome! Now Blender can join on the industry standard render engine fun! There are also other issues to tackle such as sharing files, however, as far I know, even in the film industry not everyone uses the same software. This is why many advanced file formats have been created. Pixar also created USD, a very popular 3D file format made to improve/increase efficiency of 3D file sharing in production. I believe Blender's 2.82 implemented support for the USD format!

Ultimately, the way I see it is, the more industry standard tools support Blender, the more easy it will be to integrate it into industry standard production pipelines.

Also, as far I have heard/known, I believe Redshift, another very popular render engine is making plans to support Blender.


What are your thoughts on this? If you are a Blender user, what do you think about large studios like Ubisoft, Pixar, Epic Games, Unity, Maxon and more supporting Blender and developing tools and integrations for Blender? It seems like every now then when I got on Twitter now for example, I find out some other huge corporation is supporting Blenders track to become an industry standard option. 😀