[FEATURE] colorgrading: luminance vs saturation, luminance vs hue effect

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For example to protect the blacks and whites it is essential to have an effect that desaturates the image based on the brightness values.

The tone coloring effect does have some luminance vs hue character to it, but it is limited to the values highlights, midtones, and shadows.

What i have in mind are the colorgrading tools in davinci.



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  • lordjosue
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    We should have ALL the curves, similar to Da Vinci Resolve and Lumetri Color in Premiere. Luma vs Sat, Hue vs Hue, Hue vs Sat. We already have the saturation editor in Imerge, so i imagine it wouldn't be that difficult to add these effects. Basic color grading tools like these are the ones that make the biggest difference. 😀