HitFilm + Blender Workflow

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Animated a camera in Blender and want to composite into HitFilm? No problem!

The team here have created a camera exporter for Blender, allowing you to bring your scene and animated camera data into HitFilm.

Though the first version has been out for sometime, developed during production of 'Rise of the Dark Side', we have a new and improved update! This time we've included a conversion to pixels to mm. What does this mean? In short, this eliminates any problems with scene scaling, so it's giving you a zero fuss import.

Everything will now be remapped to a suitable size in HitFilm!

Download and have a play;


I love this add-on and have been using it in a couple on-going projects, but what about you guys?

What will you be using this Exporter for?

And what other Blender / HitFilm workflow features would you like to see created?