Unwanted CROPPING bug in Hitfilm Express 15.0.1081

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Hi all;

Ready to tear my hair out about this bug I've found. I have a project with three video tracks on the timeline. I have footage from various sources but I am relying on a lot of old Super 8 footage that was transferred to digital at 480p that I am blowing up to 1080. Yeah, I don't care about blurriness or pixelation. I actually think HF has among the best magnification algorithms in the video editing space and I am very happy with the results. Here's the bug:

Some of the footage, for no reason, started showing an incomplete image when on the timeline. Literally cropped off on the right hand side only. I look at the footage in the trimmer, and it is complete. I look at the footage in the viewer when I am not running the video, and it looks complete. The second I begin PLAYING my timeline, there is a 100 - 200 pixel crop along the right edge of the frame revealing my video track underneath.

Playing the video in the trimmer does not result in the cut appearing.

EXPORTING my timeline and the crop shows up -- meaning that my outputted, final video shows the cropped image rather than the complete image.

The original files that I am placing on the timeline have these specs:

H.264, 720x480, 29.97 fps, AAC 44100hz Stereo, 5.07 mb/sec data rate

What the heck is going on?

Here's a video of what is happening. It looks fine in the viewer, then when I play the timeline you'll see the right hand side of the video on track 2 go away.



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    faulkner Posts: 19 Just Starting Out*

    I should add that all was working fine for the last three days of editing and then this suddenly started last night.

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    faulkner Posts: 19 Just Starting Out*

    Upgraded to 15.1.1097

    The problem was fixed upon first restart. However, I kept editing and output a finished project and it came back. Weirdly, the problem was not there for the first few iterations of the super 8 footage... but 3/4 of the way through the output the strange cropping on the right hand side came back. It's in the output. When I'm stopped on a frame in the timeline, not playing, the clip appears fine in the viewer. When I play the clip, the crop comes back.