Scale down the entire timeline

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Hey guys,

I've edited a video that includes 1920x1080 footage with some titles.

Some of the footage has position scale animations on it - could go up to 125% (set directly on the timeline, not in a comp. shot) and it's obviously losing quality.

Since I'm about to put everything in a 1:1 square format anyway for adding space for subtitles and headline etc, I could preserve the quality if I go 1080x1080 and let the video itself stay in it's ratio (meaning setting it to be 1080x608 - so no quality lost).

However, setting the project in this size, then select all clips and then "fit to frame" does not work - the animations go off grid, and the titles - which was not centered in the first place - doesn't react very well to this.

It is possible to scale down the whole project - as is? like in Photoshop you have "image size" - I need the same function.

Thank you!


  • triforcefx
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    Unfortunately, changing the project settings in an edit that you’ve been hard at work on is not really recommended. If you want to keep the new resolution, you’ll have to redo all the animations that weren’t in composite shots.

    In the case of Scaling, when you increased the size of your project, you selected “scale to fit”, which changed the scale property of your clip and screwed up any key framing using the scale property.

    Hopefully you have a backup of your original project, or you can Undo back to the original size. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo the project.

  • NumberedBore7
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    export the video and scale it down? i think thats what you mean by the question and thats my answer. tell me if im looking at it from a different angle