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This started happening in the latest updates of Hitfilm Express. The only bugs I've seen for now are the favorites icon overlaying on top of the dropdown icons, the layer properties moving, hiding some of the layer's names, and the "Add-on" button covering and replacing the tags of the effect groups, though I don't have an image of this last example. Is there a way to fix it?


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    This is probably one for the devs, so I’ll tag in @TheBenNorris , but it would be worth it to get your system specs (OS, CPU, GPU, RAM) have you updated your Graphics card drivers recently?

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    The favorite "star" overlapping a group's expansion arrow in the Effects tab is a known issue, and from what I understand there are already plans to address it in a future update.

    the layer properties moving, hiding some of the layer's names

    Are these two separate issues, or one issue with a misleading comma between them?

    I couldn't tell from the first screenshot what it was meant to show. The selected layer name looks fine, but the pair surrounding it look odd. I think that bizarre collapse of the layer name is a known issue (it's not new to v15, anyway, as I've seen in happening in a few different versions), but it's really difficult to find the specific steps to replicate that behavior. If you have found specific steps that accurately reproduce it, please contact FXhome support directly to share this info.

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