Sound stops in preview

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Im a bit new here in the forum, cause I never had a real problem that needed solving. Now I do. I recently updated my hitfilm express and started recording again after a year or so....

Anyway I recorded my video with SLOBS and wanted to edit it. So I imported my video and added it to my editor. Upon previewing the file it stopped the sound at about 4:50. And it did this numerious times when making a new video or adding it to my template I made for making videos. All the setting I used for SLOBS and Hitfilm havent change since I last recorded or editted a video. Only thing that changed is that it was updated.

Im really not sure what is going on and how to fix it.

[EDIT] No idea what I did or did not do, but it is fine now..... ?! so this can be closed, since I can't delete it myself....