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HFE is provided with only two color scheme. We can't customize anything ! That's annoying...

PLEAAAAAASSSSSE, add some color customization functions ! My first incentive to ask this is the fact that I want to customize the scrollbars color. They are too dark in the dark theme.

Thank you for taking my request in consideration.

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    @ibenny Thanks for your suggestion!

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    this feels so weird that its not a feature yet.

    like, isnt it marketed at artists? the most pickiest and weirdest of ppl?

  • Triem23
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    In many ways I'm not surprised that Hitfilm doesn't allow GUI color customization. In many ways it shouldn't.

    A GUI in an art program really should be based on gray values between about 40% and 60% - because of a well documented phenomenon called "Simultaneous Contrast." In short, colors in proximity to each other can affect how the eye perceives them, which can throw off your color judgment. (The "Light Theme" is, IMHO, a little TOO bright.)

    Full color control of the GUI could actually make users color correct wrong. Let's say someone changed the base Hitfilm background to a green... Simultaneous Contrast will make reds in a video "pop" and greens "dull." A user could then overcorrect based on perceived color shift to discover, once viewing a full-screen export, the final color is "wrong."

    In edit suites and color grading suites in the industry even the walls are painted in mid gray. A colored wall kicks in Simultaneous Contrast issues.

    Hitfilm's Dark Theme is actually pretty optimal.

    Heavy color customization of the UI could actually work against the artist.

    Either way, I Up Voted this thread long ago.

    More on Simultaneous Contrast.

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    @Triem23 Your argument above is the exact reason this feature SHOULD be included. Giving the user more control to dial in exactly what background GUI color they work best in would be optimal. If a person messes it up, that's on them. Not giving the choice means they have to work in an environment that is less than optimal. I designed the lighting in my office to be optimal for me. It wouldn't necessarily be optimal for someone with younger eyes. I certainly wouldn't want to be forced into something different, like a completely dark room or a bright light shining in my face. Forcing the choice of only those two would make me have to pick a lesser of two evils.

    Also, I would like the ability to change GUI colors based on what I am doing. You argue that Color Grading is messed up by adding weird GUI colors, and that is true, but Color Grading is only a small part of what I do in HitFilm. What about the rest of the things that I do? I would like to be able to change the GUI based on what I am doing to help me see what I am doing more easily. So I might have one GUI for Compositing, one for Editing, one for Color Grading, one for space scenes, one for vlog editing, etc....

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    @FilmSensei all true, and part of why I also Up Voted. 👍

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    @FilmSensei It is exactly the differences between artists of different calibers and levels why this should be implemented. So I upvoted. :)

    As you said... and in this case, how good your eyes are... it matters. If we're forced into only working the way one person wants us to work or how he thinks that we should work... well that's not very bright because you can't use your eyes to their full potential. The dude that puts a cap on creativity in something as simple as being able to change the UI color... he's basically trying to force you to work within his limited perspective and if you don't have the ability to change something as simple as UI color... well then that is a limitation.

    For UIs, sometimes I use dark colors, sometimes I use mid gray at 128, 128, 128, sometimes I use really bright colors for the ui. This is simple artistic preference. Changing the UI color helps me massively when I'm doing anything in a comp that involves color so it helps to change the ui color depending on the task.

    Basically basically when I change a ui color it is to see contrasts in colors and values, it helps me spot mistakes and or things that just don't look correct. That is why I'm always changing the canvas background color in a composite shot. It keeps my mind, imagination and eyes working together on point to make sure things look correct in any ui background color.

    Yeah, I would dig this feature. Been wanting to brighten up the Hitfilm ui for a while now to at least a very bright gray or closer to the Express ui color.