Help me with this Camera shooting issue? Is this a bug?

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I will attempted my best to clarify my concern however I'm not local speaker. I like to film with the free camera and now and again I need to keep the camera consistent in a stunt at that point move after that. So I set an underlying key casing then another similarly situated after the stunt and afterward I begin moving. In any case, each time I set the moving key edge after the two consistent ones it places an impact in the consistent part, similar to a small scale development. Does anybody realize how to fix that? Much obliged to you all.



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    @skenterest I'm not sure I understand your question. I take it that English is not your first language and can understand that may be limiting your ability to explain your issue. However it is quite possible you are a bot in that bot messages are often gibberish. But will give the benefit of the doubt and attempt an answer.

    Are you talking about the camera in HF and setting keyframes for it? In which case you can select value graph to manipulate the keyframes. Note that you can change their behavior with the little icons above the timeline. For example you can set them from Linear to Smooth to Constant to Manual Bezier. When you are in Smooth or Bezier, placing keyframes close together can sometimes put a little bump in the motion.

    If you are talking about shooting footage with a physical camera then you will need to supply more information what you are trying to do.

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    @Stargazer54 It's also possible that the gentleman is not a bot and is simply relying on Google Translate.

    In which case, @skenterest we can't understand anything.

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    @Hictor Which is why I am giving the OP the benefit of the doubt. Still waiting on a response, however.