Vegas Post - integration workflow with HitFilm

jeburnett Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

OK, I'm a Vegas Post user who is just learning about Hitfilm (i.e. Vegas Effects). I have a very basic integration question to ask:

From inside Vegas Pro, I can right-click on an Event in the timeline and I see an option to "Edit in Vegas Effects". When I choose that option, Vegas Effects gets launched and the event I'm working on gets imported automatically into Vegas Effects. That part I'm cool with.

However, when I finish any compositing work in Vegas Effects and I want to return that modified event to Vegas Pro, how is that best performed? There doesn't appear to be any function labeled "Return to Vegas Pro" or some such.

Closing down Vegas Effects, prompts me to save or discard what I'm working on and if I say SAVE, then it seems to get imported back into Vegas Pro, replacing the original event.

My question is; is this the designed workflow or should I be doing something less abrupt to exit from Vegas Effects to get back into Vegas Pro?

Thank you for my indulging this Hitfilm-sort of question. :-)