import image: a new feature or a bug?

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Hi! 😊

With the new version of Hitfilm pro (15), there is something strange: when i import a single picture, i have this:

if i choose "import images", it's ok, and if i choose "import image sequences" i have a single picture which only lasts 1 frame (and impossible to increase the duration)

Can someone explain this?



  • triforcefx
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    I’m guessing you may have grabbed the image from a camera or something and the file name was something like IMG_001.jpg.

    This is a syntax used for image sequences, so it probably triggered HitFilm to ask if it was, in fact, an image sequence. This is probably a case where it’s best to simply click the “Remember my choice...” checkbox and use “Import Images”.

  • Vlad_Zanbarbone
    Vlad_Zanbarbone Website User Posts: 67 Enthusiast
    edited August 2020

    You are certainly right, I tested, but when these are pictures with numbers at the end, sometimes hitfilm asks, sometimes not.

    For example, it asks nothing for IMG_001.jpg nor for image8.jpg, but for arc en ciel_3.jpg yes.



  • Kidmo32
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    It also does it for PNG files thinking they are animation frames. But I just choose import images. If you push sequence it will import all as a animation

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