360 Videos nadir issue

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Hi community,

not sure if there has been a discussion about this topic already, at least I didn't find any reference.

My issue is with the nadir, when exporting 360 videos. In the 360 viewer it looks fine but when exporting, the video scaling does not get me satisfying results, which is why I have big black plotches in the bottom and top nadir points of my video.

Is there any best practice to set videos properly for avoiding this issue?

Many thanks for your help!



  • beebird
    beebird Posts: 2 Just Starting Out

    Ok, I realized the issue was related to the YouTube export format of 1080p. Using my project setting as preset for exporting, the issues were mostly solved. The nadir still looks a bit too large, but that could as well be related to the original stitching.

    So issue solved for the moment, I would say.

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    Glad you got it figured out! Unfortunately, most of us here haven’t worked with 360° video, so it’s sometimes difficult to help, but we’ll do the best we can!