[FEATURE] Import Multiple Audio Tracks and correctly split them into Audio Tracks on Timeline

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Now when you import a video that has multiple audio tracks it will load only the first one and then you can choose the others, but on the editor will be only the one you choose. I really NEED the possibility to import a video file and to have all his audio tracks on the editor like on Premiere, Vegas, Davinci etc etc


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    yes i agree with this

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    Hi, Part of my workflow involves recording footage with multiple tracks of audio embedded into a single mp4 file, which makes it easy for me to make dialog sound more concise along with generally making the audio well-calibrated. A few examples of programs that already do this are Premiere Pro CC 2021 (pictured below), and Davinci Resolve 16.

    How Hitfilm currently Handles Multi-track audio is that it will only allow you to select 1 audio track to use for the video for the entire project, and duplicating the video to get the separate tracks is very tedious and time-consuming to edit with. I absolutely love the way Hitfilm does VFX and compositing and I would very likely use it a whole lot more if this feature would be implemented, Thanks!

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    I'm currently doing recurring work for a music livestream, editing weekly performances down for Youtube. The stream uses 6 audio tracks for different mics, instruments, etc, and each week I'm provided multiple .mp4 files, each with 6 embedded audio tracks that I need to adjust levels in, add effects, mute certain tracks for certain segments, etc.

    To access all 6 tracks, my current Hitfilm workflow requires me to drag each clip to the timeline 6 times, enable a different audio track for each one, unlink every track from it's video, and delete 5 of the 6 video lanes. The time involved is not insignificant.

    Would it be possible to have the option to automatically place every audio track that exists in a clip into its own lane when dragging it onto the timeline? Using my example, dragging my 6-track file/clip onto the timeline would automatically result in one video lane, and 6 audio lanes.

    Thanks in advance!

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    @DarkBladeSpy @Darkhands

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    I do need this! It's a must have for me in my opinion.

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    hello I’m kind of new to the video editing process, but what I found that most video editing softwares have that hit film does not is the ability to unload multiple audio tracks from one video. In order to do so you have to duplicate the video, select which track, then place on the time line,etc…

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    i saw a post from 2017 ( https://community.fxhome.com/discussion/40412/solved-multiple-audio-tracks-in-mp4-video-problem ) where if I record 2 audio tracks on OBS I can hear them in VLC but when I get to the editing it only allows me to edit 1. So basically I need to Copy the video and then change the audio track, unlink that video and and delete the video. But then I cant even link that audio to the other one that also has the video so its gone be a pain to edit. Will we ever get this fixed?

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