removing motion blur from certain areas

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Hey. I am quite new to video editing and would like to apply motion blur to my clips. However, there are areas where I do not want the motion blur to apply. This may be a simple question but I just wanted to ask as I just can't understand it. Here are some areas I would like to blur:

I think it is something about a mask but I don't understand how to use them. Below is a picture of what happens if everything on the screen is blured.

Some areas of the HUD are blured. Any help is appriciated and please bear with me as I am new to editing. Thanks!

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    Thank you so much Triem23! It worked thanks :)


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    I followed your instructions, but it the masks just remove parts of the video and turn it black, then the edges of the mask blur onto it

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    @EpikEli sounds like you drew your mask directly on the video/media layer. For this method to work you need to add a Grade Layer (or Grade Clip in the Editor) and add the mask to the Grade.

    Grade Layers/Clips force a render of everything below them then add effects. By masking the Grade you are removing sections of the Grade with the effects on them, showing the effects-free layers/tracks below. Masking the media layer is hiding parts of the actual clip.

    Hope this clears it up! 👍