Spiderman 2 Lightning

Now lets be clear i am not talking about the inside
First watch this video
Now, ive allways wondered why something looked allitle off with the lightning.  Turns out it was hand animated.  I cant imagine drawing lightning becuase you have to frame by frame animate something that moves crazy fast.  However for hand doing the central bolt they did great.  That being said the cinematic of the lightning and how close it could interact with other things was pretty amazing.
It was also amazing how they broke away from traditional lightning and added the auroras, and such.  The layers put into this make everything so complex an unique.  it is crazy that people spend that much time on this stuff. 
All of this being said, i probably wouldnt have whent and seen spiderman 2 if it wherent for the cool look of the bolts.
Also i am verry worried for spiderman 3
************************************SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS***************************
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when they go to the secret lab and you see that they have the gear to make abunch of their villians.  Basically now they could grab a random criminal then just send them in the "microwave" for 10 seconds and have a crazy villan.  If the villians loose next movie, then they have no excuse they should have used all of their tech.  Not to mention they could probably creat eduplicates.
And also about the green goblin.  I find it verry difficult to believe that oscorps creator never managed to just jump into his suit that was so easy for his son to get into.  Not to mention the suit was a perfect fit and had magical healing technoligy that his father could use (ok i will admit the origional after credits scene *apparently* did have his dads head in some sort of refrigerator/bath thing). 
That being said i was impressed by the actors preformance, and his perfect half circle smile was so creepy.  I really hope he comes back because i want to see more of him.
I also hope he breakes the trend of blunt stupid villans that destroy everything with no big real plan (they need Christopher Nolan).  If only Heath Ledger was still alive.... He could have made the goblin pop.  
I realize this post got really off topic


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    I'm actually surprised they hand-animated the bolts in 2013/14! Over the years, however, there have been some fantastic VFX that were hand-animated, from the Lightsabers in the first three "Star Wars" movies, to the Force Lightning in "Return of the Jedi" and continuing with things like Proton Streams in "Ghostbusters." Or, looking back to the VFX sequences in 1952's "Forbidden Planet" (Lasers, electricity and monsters hand-animated by Disney), and I've already pointed out the hand-animated laser and engine effects in Disney's "The Black Hole."
    You're right, Caleb, it's crazy time-comsuming, but, hey, it gives work to an artist!
    That was a neat video. Thanks for sharing it.
    I'm not surprised at the "lab O' villains." That's a thematic callback to Marvel's "Ultimate" universe, where pretty much every damn non-mutant in the universe was created by a derivative of the Super Soldier serum that created Captain America. It's a bit of a lazy conceit, since it means you don't have to keep coming up with origin stories. Yup, it's another dude mutated by "Serum batch #4." The last guy came from "batch #8."
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    The lightning in the Terminator movies was always pretty cool, too. I've always been rather fond of the hand-animated lightning look.