[FEATURE] Ctrl+Drag on transitions. Same function as Ctrl+Drag on clips.

NormanPCN Posts: 4,367 Expert

Duplicate the clicked transition for dragging and dropping on some other edit. This is just like a Ctrl+drag duplicates a timeline clip for dropping elsewhere.


  • Royroy185
    Royroy185 Posts: 8 Just Starting Out

    Thank you @NormanPCN , I completely agree that this would be a super valuable feature. Hitfilm / FXhome team, please consider adding this.

    Here is an image to help give you an idea of what I am working with. To apply both transitions to each of these 5 "clip boundaries," I have to drag each one manually, and since the left panel switches over to Controls after the transition is applied, I then need to click on Effects again. It takes about 30 clicks to apply the transitions I wanted to all of these like in the second image!

    You can imagine how things get hairy when you have a lot of these clips lined up:

    Thank you for considering this, and I hope that the idea gets some traction.