Mic for use with mobile phone

Hi Guys,

I'm looking to buy a microphone to improve the sound I record for my next video. I'm going to be using Samsung galaxy phones to film with namely an s9+ and s20 ultra using filmic pro. I may use one as a sound recorder. What I am looking for is a microphone for use with these. I know for the s20 I will need a 3.5mm adapter as it has no headphone socket.

I've seen a couple of options from Rode so if we say the price range is about 100 Pounds Sterling thats fair I think. I wonder if you guys have any other suggestions. I would like it to be cold shoe mountable if possible as I will also be getting a tripod mount for phones and maybe also a dji osmo mobile so perhaps for that I might need a different way mount with that.

Thanks in anticipation.