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Hi Guys,

I'm looking to buy a microphone to improve the sound I record for my next video. I'm going to be using Samsung galaxy phones to film with namely an s9+ and s20 ultra using filmic pro. I may use one as a sound recorder. What I am looking for is a microphone for use with these. I know for the s20 I will need a 3.5mm adapter as it has no headphone socket.

I've seen a couple of options from Rode so if we say the price range is about 100 Pounds Sterling thats fair I think. I wonder if you guys have any other suggestions. I would like it to be cold shoe mountable if possible as I will also be getting a tripod mount for phones and maybe also a dji osmo mobile so perhaps for that I might need a different way mount with that.

Thanks in anticipation.


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    What kind of situations are you using the mic in? Phone microphones are pretty dam good. If course if you need directions nic like say a shot gun then external will be better. I've had success with just laying the phone on a surface nearby and capturing. Or using buds with mic.

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    Agreed. The type of mic we recommend has a lot to do with the type of content you’re shooting. Some are good for interviews/talking to the camera, others are good for capturing ambient sounds, and other types are good for capturing sound coming from a specific source.

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    @Andy001z and @triforcefx Oops sorry yes. I mentioned all the technical stuff and forgot the other detail.

    It would most likely be used for outdoor and indoor recording of talent in short films. This isn't interview situations. I'm a one man band so it will either be me. A bit like the example I think was on film riot of the guy who made the whole short film himself or just family and friends as the talent. This would probably suit a shotgun as I don't really want to shell out on a wireless system. I would maybe hide the mic near the talent for longer shots using the other phone to record the audio and sync in hitfilm.

    Is there any more you guys need?

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    Just saw this review the other day for the Sairen Nano Microphone:

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    I would advise you to at least get two lavalier mics. The very economic types that you can hook up to most phones with a standard jack.

    With an app called "RecForge Pro", you have volume control and can get a sensible reading of the audio being recorded. Just be sure to disable auto-gain. It'll even save it in WAV if you like.

    Presuming that the subject won't need to perform a lot of movements, look up guides about how to hide your lavalieres. My favorite is beneath the collar of the shirt (when available, of course.)

  • nitrox1980
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    I have used a Synco Lav mic which can be used with DSLR's and mobile phones and has a specific setting for each. The mic also comes with 6 meters of cable so you have plenty of space to separate you from the phone.

    They are also a lot cheaper than the Rode option.


  • DreamArchitect
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    Problem with the lavs is that the talent needs to be mobile quite often in my case. I will probably need a mix of both I think but preferably not attached to the talent.

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