[ENHANCEMENT] RAM preview quality use. Paused vs playback.

NormanPCN Posts: 4,367 Expert

I absolutely love the ability to get a beautiful paused view quality (everything on, including motion blur). But then Hitfilm negates this with restrictions that always use the paused quality setting when, IMO, it should use the playback setting. Thus making me turn all that beauty off. In other words, the play/paused quality feature becomes effectively useless.

a) RAM preview should have a preference for play/paused mode use. Right now RAM preview uses paused render quality. Waiting for a RAM preview to compute is waste of a users time. It would be excellent to have ram previews build as fast as possible and yet still have the lovely(slow) paused quality. I get why people could want paused quality ram previews. Thus one can have a preference. If no preference then use playback quality.

b) Scrubbing should trigger playback quality and not paused quality. How is scrubbing not playback? Who does not want scrubbing to be as fast as possible?


  • Triem23
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    Once again, agreed. Norman's two RAM preview threads, if implemented would easily be the best performance boost since decoupling the viewer from the interface!

  • Palacono
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    Of course "Yes!" to this.

    Josh said this would be an option when the 'new' interface was first implemented, back in Hitfilm 7? 8? but...

    But, there is now the "Lock" half of "Solo and Lock Layers", so baby steps. 😀